MagicLocket :: (magiclocket) wrote in toonfurs,
MagicLocket ::

Hey, Hi, Hello!

..The door was open =w= so I let my self in!
Hi~! I'm fairly new to LJ still and to many other things. I don't have a FA, Da, FB, or MS..but I have a YouTube! ^^'.
Well I go by Locket (hence the name), but mostly Azazii  (A-zaz-E). I live in California and I'm still in high school TxT. I love to draw mainly Dragons, lizards, and Giraffes, but because of lack of color pencils in my house It's all done in pencil~ Black and White. X3 I love to talk about anything and just getting to know people makes my day.
Um have any questions about me just ask. And just so everyone is aware, I'm unaware how to put stuff  "Under the Cut" an what "NWS" means =3=;
Hope to meet everyone here!
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