Shirik Draguinea (shirikdraguinea) wrote in toonfurs,
Shirik Draguinea

It's my aunt's wedding at the end of this month but travel costs are ghastly (£50 return with my railcard discount - that's around $100). I'd like to be there as she's done a hell of a lot for me over the years so to cover the cost of travel I've opened up a Dutch traditional conbadge auction on furbid.

For $17 you will get:
- One full coloured traditional media conbadge
- Laminated!
- Cardboard shipping envelope (no bending!)
- Shipping costs within UK (please add $1 for US postage)

This is cross-posted a little bit so apologies if you see this multiple times. Also, mods if this is inappropriate feel free to remove.
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