Shirik Draguinea (shirikdraguinea) wrote in toonfurs,
Shirik Draguinea

After several requests for these icons on my LJ, I'm now happy to offer them for commission!

The icons come in two styles, a basic animated "blink" style or "what's on your mind?" - a thought bubble style.


Type 1 - basic animated blink

Type 2 - what's on your mind?

How long do they take?
Each icon takes up to two hours to make and can take up to 25 frames of animation, as such completion times may vary but depending upon volume of commissions expect to recieve your icon within approx 2-3 days.

Type 1: £5 (approx $10)
Type 2: £8 (approx $15)
Combo pack - Type 1 + Type 2: £10 (approx $20)

Payment details
Payment can be done through:
Paypal (PREFERRED - please add 50p (approx $1) to cover charges)
Cheque (UK only)
Concealed cash (UK only)

The icon will not be made beyond a sketch until payment is done. Once the sketch is complete a low res version will be sent to you for approval.

I am currently accepting 5 of these commissions. Please comment on this post if you would like to commission me. Please check comments before posting, 5 comments doesn't neccesarily mean 5 commissions ^^.
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