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Christmas Commissions

I know I posted it before but I have now opened up Christmas Commissions for badges, magnets, keyrings, car hangers and as a special Christmas bonus... Christmas tree ornaments!

All items are made in plastic and are varnished in three different ways:
Badges and magnets can either have a plain matt finish or a glossy effect varnish.
All other items are varnished in such a way that a solid plastic coating is created on them and makes for a lovely effect.

I am based in the UK and all prices are in GBP but I WILL ship internationally.

There is a genuine reason I'm cross-posting and damn near BEGGING for commissions between now and Nov 20th which I don't think most of you in LJ land are aware of.

My job frankly, sucks balls as far as wages are concerned. I earn about £150 at most a November, I will actually be getting a wage packet of £120. £20 of which instantly goes away to my charities.... so yeah, £100. Not good at all. Especially when you consider Christmas coming up etc as well as birthdays, paying off my debts, paying rent and actually getting food for myself. It's looking to be a shitty Christmas... but at least if I can get 10 commissions I can actually afford to get gifts for my friends and family as well as being able to buy myself essentials such as shampoo, soap (I'm allergic to most soaps) and food.

So yes.... I desperately need these. If you can't afford or don't fancy them - its ok, but it would be appreciated if you could pass the link to people who may be interested or even post it on your lj.

Commission Information

Crossposted around a bit.
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